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About Us

Al Kannari Engineering Projects Company (Kepco) was established in 2002 and founded by Engr. Nasser Al Naemi. We have localized a wide range of companies from around the world and developed them in to products and services that meet Qatar market. We support companies to bid and execute projects in Qatar's energy, Construction, industrial, Trading, Service sectors, IT & SCADA.

Over the years, Kepco has established a strong track record in delivering quality and value added services by providing integrated solutions to its customers. With a strong brand position, Kepco has been able to secure prominent projects. Kepco has expanded its presence in Qatar either fully undertaken by Kepco's team or through strategic partnerships and acquisitions. 

We have a noble team of international experts. A strategic vision does not define a company's success - its people do. We have some of the most talented and technically advanced team members are encouraged to ask questions, make recommendations, and continuously improve systems and techniques. We encourage and environment of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation, which traslates to better service for our clients.